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Big Heart Feels is the third book in our Small Voice Series. It is intended for our little ones (4 to 8 years old) as they enter their pre-school and kindergarten years – and continue on to grade school. It is during these years that our children start to cultivate and show genuine empathy for others.  Not only can they start to feel another’s pain, they can learn to respond to it.  

Knowing how to handle these feelings and translate them into positive behaviors is one of the most positive and life-giving skills a child can learn. 

It promotes both self-understanding and awareness of others in a world that could use a little more of both!

Big Heart Feels follows little Angela as she discovers her own big heart – and learns to empathize with her family and friends at school.  Angela’s mom provides a useful and timeless metaphor – putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. 

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"This is book # 3 in the "Small Voice Says Series." The positive message of the book is an invaluable life lesson, important for both young and old to adhere to."

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Big Heart Feels is another fantastic book in the Morrisons' series of teaching important leadership lessons to kids in a fun and relatable style. My kids love their books (Little Hands Help and Small Voice Says are the others) and loved learning about how important it is to stop and feel how others are feeling.


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"This book was absolutely adorable!! I really loved the theme of the story: put yourself in other people's shoes. This is an important message that I believe many children need to hear! Even adults need to be reminded sometimes to understand what other people may be feeling."


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