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"A great follow-up to the first book, Small Voice Says! I just wish I had both books 26 years ago when my kids were younger! A great read for both young & old and I look forward to sharing the books with future grandchildren!"



"Our son loves Little Hands Help. After reading it over and over and over again, we find him asking us to help make breakfast and wash the vegetables for dinner."



"Another delightful book in the "Small Voice" series. Helping our children (and their parents!) understand how to cultivate a spirit of helpfulness is something we all need more of. My kids love it; highly recommended!"


Little Hands Help is the second book in our Small Voice series. 

We soon learn that our young children want to imitate what we are doing. Initially they just want to be more included in family life – but soon that feeling of truly helping creates a new motivation.  It can be as simple as letting them wash the carrots at the sink.  But when those carrots show up at the dinner table, a powerful sense of accomplishment ensues. 


Over time, these little investments in our kids add up. But beware, sometimes our time-deficient lives can get in the way of letting our children fully participate alongside us.

Whether a child learns to be helpful as they grow older is mostly influenced by early family life. In other words, when helpfulness is valued and learned at an early age, it becomes part of the child’s self-image . . .

I am a helper, I can do this. 


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