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Our Mission

Changing the small voice at a time


For any of us to find true meaning in life, we are absolutely convinced that it would be linked in some big way to that small voice within . . . that inner voice that knows us best . . . that reflective self that stands separate from the other unwanted voices in our head . . . the voice that shapes how we show up in the moments that matter most.  


As parents, we also believe that our primary mission is to develop the small voice within our children.  (No, it’s not to create better versions of ourselves.)  That job starts in earnest around age four (when conscience and a sense of self begin to more fully develop).   


To help you find, re-think, or re-ignite the small voice in each of us, we start with a three-book series for four to eight year-olds that creates a “small voice” foundation. 



Mackenzie Morrison

Mackenzie is a writer and artist working in the music industry in Los Angeles, CA.  Her father is Mike Morrison. Mackenzie is living proof of the parent coaching style in the book.



Mike’s passion centers on developing leaders at all ages, from the four-year-old entering pre-school to the corporate CEO leading a global enterprise. In today’s world, we all need to lead in some way and Mike has helped to illuminate that path through three books:  Leading Through Meaning, The Other Side of the Card, and This is Not Working.



Nina Summeris a Swiss artist living in Brooklyn, New York. She likes swing dancing, Tostitos, and pro-wrestling. She doesn’t have a favorite color, except maybe a soft yellow. You can find more of her work at


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